Arupa Yoga


Thatcher's class was the first yoga class I had ever taken, and it was obvious from the beginning that his wealth of knowledge and understanding of yogic philosophy could not be found just anywhere. His personal in depth study coupled with formal training and education allows him to offer guidance from both a physical and a spiritual perspective. His classes are truly taught in the spirit of yoga, in the sense that it is an individual, exploratory journey. Asanas (poses) are initially presented from a grounded and anatomical standpoint, with modifications to suite individuals, but then he allows time within each pose for exploration and the opportunity for individuals to move deeper, and through the different layers that are available, with patience. There is no "picture perfect pose", but rather the of opening the body and mind, so as to experience a moment of unity. Thatcher's classes have provided me with the guidance to unwind both unhealthy mental and physical patterns and to embrace a life that is more patient, accepting, and loving.

- Tammy P



I've been attending Thatcher's yoga classes for approximately 10 yrs. In the beginning I was 26 yrs. old and yoga was completely new to me. Initially, I didn't feel as if I was getting much from it. I thought, surely stretching alone couldn't impact ones health that much. I was use to more fast paced sports/exercises where you knew what the results would be. My mind has changed after learning numerous poses along with Thatcher's yogic knowledge. In time, I've learned that yoga is not only relaxing, but has helped me to understand my body better. It has opened me up to not just physical but also mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness. Now I am 36 and intend to be practicing it at 60!

- Paula P



I've taken yoga a number of years with a variety of instructors. Each instructor is different, and I greatly appreciate Thatcher's comprehensive approach. He offers so many things in one session: an open-minded approach to postures, professionalism, breathing, meditation, and advice on how to bring yoga into your everyday life.

- Tracey L



Thatcher has a very special place in my heart and I hold him in that revered space for myself. He's my "Local Yogi"! (not to be confused with a local yokal). He has taught me and guided me toward important places within myself. I'm better off with him in my life, and always recommend him to anyone looking for yoga.

- Jennifer S



I've been taking weekly yoga classes with Thatcher for over 8 years. I take yoga to help keep my joints flexible as I suffer from rheumatoid & osteo arthritis and these sessions definitely do that for me. Thatcher is very good at helping us modify our poses to adjust for our own body foibles. He's also very "into" the meditative part of yoga. I struggle with this but he is excellent at helping me with techniques to clear my cluttered, active mind!

- Becky D