Arupa Yoga

Prenatal yoga Philosophy

Think of how much a day can be influenced by the quality of your waking moments. Then consider that time in the womb is very much like the period of deep sleep through the last lingering moments of pre-consciousness, before the, far too often, rude awakening into life. As parents, we have the ability, if not the responsibility, to make our children's sleep as soothing, and waking experiences as gentle, as possible. Education, awareness and exercise. Crucial elements in any successful life, and key to pre-birth babying. Whether this a phase in a continuing practice, an entrance into a life long practice or a temporary exercise program, prenatal yoga provides an ideal environment for you to move towards your goals, for your baby's sake.

Some may think it odd to find a male teaching prenatal yoga, but the flexibility and freedom of Arupa yoga are particularly well suited to a prenatal practice. I wish I could have had the guidance that I can provide now, when I had my daughter in '83. (and during the proceeding 18 yrs and beyond) I've been through twelve hours with a ruptured appendix, so I can relate to high levels of persistent pain. Having been an athlete and a construction worker I know well what it's like to have to push beyond what feels doable, when circumstances require. Though my knowledge of anatomy and physiology (including pregnancy and birthing) may be commendable, my education continues to continue. It's been a life practice of mine, to be here for others, and I'm all about natural and alternative nutrition and health. I continually walk the room keeping an eye out for safety, stability and ease in asana, and I always address the inner aspects of yoga - here, with emphasis on baby and birthing.

You only have one chance to do it right. If you're there, then it's time.