Arupa Yoga

Prenatal Yoga Class

Yoga, for the expectant mommy and the little one(s) within. In a time of hormonal turbulence and increased demands on the body and in daily activities, yoga asana is an ideal way to unwind, open your body and awaken your quiet awareness. Some exercises can help open the pelvis, facilitating an easier delivery. Others help to address common discomforts created by continual compensation. And practicing intentional focus while feeling under duress, can make it easier to maintain a clear head and deliberate attitude, during delivery. Those stowaways also benefit, as they share everything in mom's bloodstream and live inside of the same emotional envelope.

As a rule of thumb, it takes at least three good practices a week to make steady strides in yogasana. Now, I do have students who've been taking one class a week for years, and I can clearly see their improvement in strength and flexibility. But with those preparing for delivery, there's only a small window of time in which to make significant progress, so more often is preferred.

For the same reason, this isn't just a leisurely class designed to make moms feel good in the moment. Having a baby can be one of the most arduous challenges a woman will face in her life. It's important to build strength and stamina, generate confidence in body and self and to adopt new attitudes and perspectives in preparation for the pending delivery. So I weave relaxing exercises together with more rigorous ones to help moms gain access to their power reserves, develop greater mental control and move beyond their imagined limitations – along with easing the effects from life's steady stream of stresses.

Your baby's needs, wants and feelings change how you feel, even act; likewise, every thought you process, every feeling you harbor, every attitude you foster, every object you give your attention to and every energy you embody affects the world your baby is growing up in. Learn to monitor and guide your awareness and to trust and empower your body to take care of itself. Sometimes, procrastination just isn't an option.