Arupa Yoga


Many people want their teacher to be a cheerleader and a motivational coach who infuses them with high energy. While this may be somewhat therapeutic, in the short term, I believe it's much more beneficial, in the long run, to guide students quietly, under their own power. This way, they develop the skills to monitor and maintain their well-being, independently, for life. My classes may not hold the same kind of allure that someone infecting them with their energy does, but a well balanced meal doesn't usually hold the same allure that the sweet taste and quick rush of a desert treat does, either. I'm called to offer substantial nourishment for those willing to chew and digest. So, perhaps mine isn't destined to be the most popular booth at the fair, but I feel good knowing that it's the most nutritious.

I'm really quite passionate about what I teach and my desire to help others. It's just that my philosophy says that it's inappropriate to forcefully direct another's personal evolution. The individual is better suited than I, to choose the most palatable and digestible fare from the buffet that I offer. If I were to provide only lessons that are accessible to everyone, what little I could offer would be very superficial and simplistic. Instead, I dish out more than anyone can or wants to ingest, knowing that students will sup on what they need or are ready for. They also know that they can ask for any specifics that aren't set on the table. So, those that still see yoga as purely exercise, those just beginning to seek higher understanding and those well along the path of spiritual evolution can all get what they require.

Not only does this approach allow students to find just what they need, but it also empowers them and instills them with confidence, while making lessons more tangible. It's kind of like the difference between saying 2+2=4, and asking "What is 2+2?" One gives an answer that may or may not stick, the other teaches how to problem solve along with ingraining the answer. Sure, it's easier to hear the perky cheerleader chiming 2+2=4! 2+2=4! But for those in quest of knowledge and understanding, who have the initiative to participate in their own educational process, a quiet guiding force is a more ideal teacher.