Arupa Yoga

Essential Yoga


I think it's important that people understand the fundamentals and develop patience and compassion toward their own bodies before getting too frisky with their practice. All throughout life, one split second mistake can leave unintended consequences for the rest of said life. Practicing yoga postures is certainly one arena where striving too hard without adequate sensitivity and knowledge can lead to undesirable results.

If anyone takes their body and pushes it as far as they can in any direction, there will be a point of maximum movement. Too many get to that point and just push harder. At that point the body feels its welfare being threatened and clenches in resistance. A stale mate of push/pull then ensues that is neither comfortable, nor productive.

The idea is to find a stretch that feels more like when you wake up in the morning and have a little spontaneous stretch and yawn or sigh. It's supposed to feel good.

Essential Yoga is designed as a forum, not only to gain a cognitive understanding of the postures and respect for one's body, but also to develop a healthy attitude toward the practice, in general.