Arupa Yoga

Essential Class

This is a progressive class series designed to provide a solid foundational education. It starts off slow and easy, gradually building intensity throughout the session. The primary focus' are to provide a cognitive understanding of the postures' requirements and effects, to begin to familiarize students with their ever changing bodies and to sow the seeds for a "yogic" mind set. There are also fundamental sensibilities of bodily and spacial awareness that need to be developed, along with the requisite desire to hear the quiet voice within and the faith and courage to then trust, and act upon, it.

Dialogue, demonstration and direct experience are the primary means of conveyance. Student input will help steer the focus and content, as there's far more to learn than can possibly be done in one session.

Clear, lighthearted teaching provides a well rounded education in structural alignment, muscular engagement, energetic expression, basic anatomy and variations for dozens of primary postures; along with many other stretches and soothing movements. Hands-on assisting helps students learn how it feels to be in safe, stable, open alignments, as they're guided to tune in, let go and let it be.