Arupa Yoga

Dynamic Yoga


Many people feel the need to get a serious work out with their yoga practice. Many others have type A personalities; and so, are always actively striving to attain and want a class where they can maintain the same pace, intensity and "go-for-it" attitude. (As hard as it is for these types to hear and accept it, what they really need is to learn to just sit in quietude.) Where as others tend towards pretty sluggish energies and will usually gravitate toward classes where they can maintain the same pace, lack of intensity and "it happens when it happens if it happens" attitude. (What these folks really need to achieve balance is a dynamic class that'll stoke their fires.)

That said, any form of practice that grants entry into yoga is well worth exploring. Practice naturally evolves and anyone with a sincere desire for growth and a wish to find balance within, will be drawn to the needed focus.

Weather it's to provide said balance or to find a comfortable means of surfing the realm of yoga or just to get some good exercise while connecting to oneself, Dynamic Yoga provides a suitable avenue of exploration and discovery.

This class is not appropriate for beginners or anyone with serious health concerns. The more aggressive attitude fostered in this class can work better for some in making progress with the postures, but it also tends to desensitize powers of observation and lesson focus on patience and acceptance; therefore, can more easily lead to injury for those not familiar with the postures/movements and their own physical strengths and limitations.