Arupa Yoga


Beyond exercise. Creative, variable teaching, in an array of formats. Insightful, laughing, loving, experienced, knowledgeable, certified instructor. Opening mind, body and possibilities through explorations in movement and meditation. Hands on assistance and personal guidance in group or private settings.

Every person is in a different place, evolutionarily. Individual needs and objectives vary widely. My aim is to offer as broad a spectrum of teachings as I can. This means educating the body, feeding the conceptual faculties, tending to emotional needs, providing spiritual guidance, encouraging students to till new soil and adapting to meet individual and group needs, as each moment requires.

I've developed a variety of class styles to focus more specifically on certain aspects yoga; although, a bit of everything gets sprinkled into each. (With the exception of meditation specific classes, which generally ignore exercise.)

It's up to each of us to maintain and improve ourselves as we travel through this journey of life, and my calling is to help others toward that end, in whatever way I can.