Arupa Yoga


Thatcher has both felt and nurtured a deep connection with the natural world since his earliest memories, in the 1960's. He was introduced to meditation at the age of 9 and learned his first few yogic postures when 13. Developing and evolving an array of movements and exercises, he began to explore and expand his bodily awareness along with his conscious awareness - instinctively sowing the seeds for what has since grown into the practice of Arupa yoga. By 14, he was immersed in studying philosophies, primarily of various Asian and indigenous cultures - a practice which he continues today. He received his initial taste of structured yoga at 16, lead his first classes in meditation at 18, and has been offering teachings on awareness and matters of the mind, ever since. He's been teaching yogasana, logging over 4000 class hours, since the dawn of the millennium, when he earned his initial 200 hr. teaching certification (from the Kripalu Center) - now E-RYT 500. He's trained with several profound teachers, some widely renowned; but the most meaningful lessons he's received have come through his own practice and direct cognition.