Arupa Yoga

Arupa Class

Heavily spiced with variety, Arupa is never the same class twice. Focus, pace and intensity are determined by the energetic needs of the group d'jour, previous lessons and requests. Classes aren't like meals planned, prepared and served, as much as they're like buffets, offering healthy fare to fit many tastes and dietary needs.

Arupa isn't your typical synchronized yoga class. My intention is to facilitate personal practices in a group setting. Skillful practice isn't about strength and flexibility. It's about timeless awareness, sensitivity, intuition, surrender and balancing effort with ease. Ideally, everyone winds up tending to their own needs - slightly different variations, to entirely different postures. And, with true-to-self timing being as important as form, some will be finishing their explorations while some are steeping in the afterglow, as others have moved on to their next thing.

Classes may focus primarily on certain areas of the body or on specific postures or techniques. They might work up to particularly challenging postures or visit various vinyasa series, and generally provide a full body workout, along with gifting some inner quietude. Pranayama (breath work) is often offered for varying effects and there's always little nudges toward a different way of viewing, thinking and doing.

I walk the room making individual observations and suggestions - not as much to correct, as to find more open, comfortable and balanced postures. But, students get to choose the variations that best suit them, according to how accessible and nurturing they feel. This way, they're able to embody their inner guidance, and learn to take responsibility for their own lessons and whatever benefits they may reap.